Why companies should take advantage of mobile technology

Deploying smartphones that are equipped with enterprise management software is even more important to maintaining a healthy, profitable business


As more industries continue to adopt digital technologies, smartphones are becoming an even more invaluable tool in the enterprise than ever before. With a familiar interface and user-friendly touchscreen, smartphones help bridge the overwhelming technology skills gap that so many companies are facing today, especially given the fact that roughly three-quarters of Americans own a smartphone. When employees are equipped with mobile technology throughout an organization, whether that be in the warehouse or on a sales floor, they're able to get work done instantaneously, keep customers happy and gain access to a real-time view of the entire company.

For businesses that work across regions, have many locations, or operate across multiple channels, deploying smartphones that are equipped with enterprise management software is even more important to maintaining a healthy, profitable business. When you can count on your software to give you access to essential business data, you enable employees to work more optimally and empower executives to make better business decisions.

Mobile enterprise apps today are designed to meet the needs of workers in countless industries, especially those in that work across the supply chain. These mobile solutions transform ordinary smartphones into powerful business tools that enhance customer service and improve efficiencies, ultimately saving employees' time and diminishing error across the board. Read on to discover how mobile technology could transform your business for the better.

Gain access to real-time data

By deploying smartphones throughout your organization, you're equipping your employees with powerful business tools that will give them access to real-time business data, allowing them to better do their jobs and make the business more profitable. Smartphones open up many avenues for business development, such as on-the-go route sales and omnichannel order fulfilment, leading to more ways that your business can make money.

The ability to access real-time data in various environments is crucial for success. For example, when a picker in a warehouse has a mobile device that is equipped with a barcode scanner, they are able to see where a product is located, how many of the item needs to be picked and whether or not the item is available or needs to be ordered from another location. Once an item is scanned, the mobile system automatically updates inventory status in real-time, ensuring that the business is not over promising on order fulfillments.

Build transparency throughout your organization

When employees are connected to one another and to the mobile enterprise system, they are able to better communicate with one another and – more importantly ­– with the customer. An employee can see where an item is at any given point, which is extremely important throughout the supply chain or for businesses in the retail industry whose success depends on customer satisfaction. In increasingly demanding retail environments, it's critical that a salesperson can relay accurate product information to a customer and that they can also place orders from another store in the network or from the warehouse.

In these direct-to-consumer environments, the customer is also expecting to see where their order is from point of purchase to the moment it reaches their doorstep. Mobile ERP apps allow retailers to deliver on these expectations through applications like order processing, warehouse management, and proof-of-delivery. With the system being continuously updated with data that mobile devices are collecting, both employees and customers will be adequately informed, and your business will reap the benefits.

Get business insights at the tip of your fingers

Last, but certainly not least, smartphones enable companies to gather data that employees can analyze and ultimately make better business decisions with. The business insights that this data provides are extremely conducive to bettering a company's processes and for creating a digital record book of transactions that the employer can look back on.

When connected to a mobile enterprise system, employees are also able to access reports and can make adjustments to inventory or fill rates, as needed. The easily accessible nature of viewing reports on a mobile device enables employees to monitor product sales and keep shelves stocked appropriately throughout the day.

Smartphones and mobile technologies have very high returns on investment and come with countless benefits. Implementing mobile technology into everyday work processes will ultimately improve your business efficiencies, make your business smarter and keep your customers happy and returning for more.

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